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Why Choose NYC Car Broker

Since we have given you some insight to the car leasing industry, allow us to give you the reasons as to why you should choose to lease a car with NYC Car Broker. Basically, it is a consumer’s world when it comes to leasing or purchasing a vehicle. You can pay cash or obtain a loan to purchase a car. You have the option to lease an auto. In addition, you have your pick in car leasing corporations located all over the nation.

How is our auto leasing service different than the auto leasing company located a few minutes from your home? To begin with, we have an expansive inventory of auto brands. You will not find that at a local dealership. You will have to stick with the auto brand specific to their business. In order to be the greatest auto leasing company, we understand that we have to offer the most options and discounts to our potential and current clients.  

Discounted Leasing Rates

When it comes to car leasing specials, we constantly try to raise the bar by giving our customers comprehensive advice on auto leasing, current auto rates, and lease contracts. We strive to take care of our clients’ questions right away because we would never want our clients to feel overwhelmed by the leasing process.

At NYC Car Broker, we have established the answer to slashing expensive leasing prices. Because we chose to perform our business operations entirely online, we were able to significantly cut our overhead costs. For more information on our current discounted leasing rates, reach out to one of our sales associates to obtain a quote today. Call us at (718)-407-6310.

Early Lease Termination

When you choose to do business with a traditional car leasing service, if you decide to terminate your lease early, then you will be charged an exorbitant fee. Customers who were not given this information at the start of their lease are more than shocked at the termination fee amount. We have a little more flexibility when it comes to unexpected events that force you to terminate early.

Additionally, our termination fees are not nearly as steep. We choose to work with our customers instead of against them by making a bad situation worse, especially for those who are going through a difficult time financially. We will inform you of all of your options before proceeding if you need to terminate your auto lease early.

Lease Return Policies

Customers are fully aware that when they turn their vehicle in at the termination of the lease that the vehicle needs to be in decent condition. That is standard procedure even if you were renting a vehicle for the weekend. However, traditional auto leasing companies have a habit of charging their clients for excessive use when it is sometimes painfully obvious no charge should have been applied or the leasing policies were never fully explained prior to the start of the lease.

At NYC Car Broker in NYC, we are always fair and upfront when it comes to our auto lease guidelines. We never charge hidden lease return costs to the fees at the end of your auto lease. We ensure everyone fully comprehends the auto lease policy so there are never any misconceptions—especially at the end of the lease. For additional information in regards to the conditions of our auto leasing return policies, feel free to give us a call at (718)-407-6310.