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About Auto Leasing – NYC Car Broker

By definition, when you lease an auto, you sign contract agreeing to pay a specified amount per month for a specific period of time, at which point in time, you are to return the vehicle and you will have the option to purchase it, or you can trade out for a newer automobile. You do not actually own the vehicle, unless you decide to purchase it at the end of your auto lease. It is highly similar to renting a vehicle, but for an extended period of time.

You could also say that a lease installment is similar to a loan installment, but there are a few clear variances between a loan and a lease. Each lease payment is only based on the amount of value the auto loses over time, also known as the depreciation value. If you pay a monthly loan payment, then you are paying for the entire value of the car plus interest and additional fees.

Car Leasing Rates

The auto leasing specifics can be somewhat confusing, but it is very simple. You pay a monthly rate according to the depreciation value of the car for a predetermined period—decided upon between you and the car leasing company—and at the termination of the lease, you have the option to purchase your vehicle or you can trade up for a newer model. If you choose a vehicle that does not hold its value very well over time, then you will pay more per month for your car lease than you would for a car that does not depreciate rapidly.

Another determinant is whether you take advantage of the customization options. At NYC Car Broker, we will work with you to come up with the best car leasing rate that will fit your budget and needs. An advantage we have over the competition is that we can bring you better deals and savings because our business is completely online. Less overhead expenses equal more savings for our clients.

Auto Leasing Terms

Have you ever considered leasing an auto, but you heard from a friend or relative that the auto leasing terms were too restrictive? While it is true that some traditional auto leasing companies have stricter regulations, and have been known to charge excessive fees if a client goes outside of them. If a client went over the allotted mileage or returned a dirty vehicle, then there most likely they will be charged according to their terms.

The terms and regulations enforced by NYC Car Broker are more flexible. We believe in working with our clients by providing clear leasing terms in our leasing terms and if adjustments need to be made, then we are more than happy to make the accommodation. With unrivaled leasing rates, adaptable contracts, and first-rate customer service, it’s no wonder our clients return again and again. Feel free to reach out to us for more information on our auto leasing regulations and rates to acquire additional details. Call (718)-407-6310 today to speak with a professional car leasing representative.