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If you are leasing your first vehicle then it is an exciting and possibly confusing, which is why we encourage you to contact us when you have any concerns. At NYC Car Broker, we welcome you to look up the details of your preferred vehicle, browse other vehicles, or contact us when you need some questions answered. We have plenty of automotive details, pictures, and leasing rates located on each car’s page. If you feel comfortable enough, you can begin auto lease application process.

If you need to speak with one of our specialists to handle any questions or assess any problems you may have navigating our website, we will work with you to take care of your concerns. In addition, we will also assist you with negotiating auto financing if you need to obtain quotes. We always concentrate on providing excellence by listening to the needs of our clients. Please reach out to us for assistance by calling (718)-407-6310.

How can we be reached?

Our expertly trained specialists are authorities in the auto leasing industry. We are available through a variety of channels if you should require any assistance. The best way to reach us during normal business hours is by giving us a call on our business line at (718)-407-6310. Our car lease experts are here to answer your questions and can help you figure out which vehicle is best suited for your needs.

Even if you need to contact us outside of business hours, then feel free to send us an email by using the email address we have on our website. One of our competent representatives will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Do not wait to contact us if you should need help with anything regarding your account. We are of the belief that our customers deserve high quality service and superior customer support.

What can we expect when we contact you?

At NYC Car Broker, we constantly produce the best quality service to our consumers. First of all, we do not have a brick and mortar place for our customers to stop by to view our vehicles or speak with any of our specialists. Our car leasing company goes to great lengths to explain the leasing process and never puts unnecessary pressure on potential clients to decide on any car lease. We truly have our clients’ best interests at heart and work hard to deliver the finest possible service.  

We will assist you with everything from the application process to obtaining financing to setting up your auto delivery to your home. In fact, we will help you through the entire process from start to finish. Our experts go above and beyond our consumers’ expectations. We find that if we make it simple for our existing and potential customers to reach us, it makes the leasing process simpler. We try to make it easy for our clients to contact us their concerns. If you need any assistance or additional details about our auto leasing service, reach out to by sending us an email or by calling us at (718)-407-6310.